Are You Addicted to Work?

June 8, 2016Posted on
By Dr. Judith Zackson | June 8, 2016

Dr. Judith Zackson, a licensed clinical psychologist out of Greenwich, CT speaks about Work Addiction.

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7 Signs You Are Addicted To Work

June 8, 2016Posted on
By Dr. Judith Zackson | June 8, 2016

People who are workaholics do not take care of their health, they don’t spend time with their loved ones and don’t find joy in their lives. When its an addiction their life is out of balance and destroys your life just like other addictions. How can workaholics break the habit?

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Is Social Media Fueling Hollywood’s Pedophile Problem?

May 27, 2016Posted on
By Dr. Judith Zackson | May 27, 2016

Social Media puts young Hollywood stars at increased risk. Internet profiles provide an anonymous haven for pedophiles to study Their victim’s personal information and patterns to assist in the grooming’ process. Pedophiles develop a relationship with their victims through empty promises and enticing dialogue that promote the young stars dream.

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Triumphing Over Negative Body Image

April 28, 2016Posted on
By Dr. Judith Zackson | April 28, 2016

Why do we focus on our body? Why do we use our body as a scapegoat and bully ourselves? We all know that even if we loose weight we still feel flawed. How do we stop the cycle?