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Can golf reflect our character?

June 29, 2017Posted on
By Dr. Judith Zackson | June 7, 2017

Why are we so keen to spend hours trying to control a small white ball that can be unpredictable, unforgiving and unfair? We all know the frustrations of golf, which Mark Twain described as “a good walk spoiled.” What is the fundamental appeal of golf? Might it be a metaphor for life? The truth is that in getting the ball into a hole, a lot happens that is not visible to the naked eye, and the same is true for life. In many ways this beloved sport reflects our coping strategies and character.

Dr. Judith Zackson Disucssed PTSD & Addiction

August 8, 2016Posted on
Dr. Judith Zackson joins Bob Salter on CBS Radio to discuss PSTD & Addiction on honor of Memorial Day 2016.