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Our aversion to a ‘return to normal’ goes beyond just the office. Here’s why

March 18, 2021 More than 50% of employees don’t want to return to office life, according to a recent Pew study. But while it may be easy not to miss rush-hour commutes and ice-cold conference rooms, many have also formed an aversion to formerly enjoyable social pastimes they now just can’t imagine going back to.…

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COVID-19 fears turning NYC playgrounds into war zones

Lauren Conlin has seen her share of pandemic playground drama. Once, another mom yelled at her for briefly pulling her mask down so she could sip her iced coffee. “I was about 8 feet away and she said, ‘Ma’am, can you pull your mask up? Like, there’s a reason we wear these,’ ” Conlin, a celebrity…

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Adaption and Resilience while living through COVID-19

Home has become many things in the age of COVID-19. It is the office, the gym, the salon, the closest restaurant — and for many parents, it is now the classroom. The shift to distance learning has been a major transition for everyone, leaving even the most organized and energetic parents feeling overwhelmed by the…

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Why Mental Health for Men Matters

I often hear men describing a gap between what they are feeling and what they are expected to feel, and that makes it even worse. “Why am I complaining?” I often hear. “I was raised to be strong and to tough it out. If I was in a third world country, or a prisoner, I could understand that I might feel unhappy and angry. But I live a pretty good life, in a nice house with a beautiful family. This is all I ever wanted, so why am I not happy? Why do I feel that things are not right? Why the anger and irritability?”

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