Parenting - Dr. Judith Zackson


Parenting can be the most rewarding experience in our lifetime. It can also be the most challenging and stressful role we ever take on. In stressful moments, our children push all our buttons, evoke all our insecurities, and test all our limits. The stress and uncertainty about how to help our children can be overwhelming, affecting our relationship with our spouse and many other aspects of daily life—at home, in school, in friendships, and in engagement in our communities.

Through the philosophy of mindful parenting, Dr. Zackson has helped many parents transform their relationships and deepen their connection with their children.


Emotional awareness is the foundation of mindful parenting. Strong emotions have a powerful influence on our thoughts and behaviors, and these in turn can negatively impact our parenting practices. Mindful parenting involves staying connected with our children, moment-to-moment, and trying to understand what our children are telling us, beyond the surface. Parenting mindfully allows us to identify and regulate our emotions. It emphasizes non-judgmentalness and seeing what the child is trying to tell is, as well as what their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors bring up for us.

In mindful parenting, we become better able to choose how to respond, rather than reacting automatically (and sometimes unhealthily). Parents can increase their ability to parent calmly, warmly, and in ways that are more consistent with their family values and goals. Mindful parenting contributes to a more positive relationship with your child and a decreased level of stress.

Parenting in this manner is not always easy: everyday challenges make it difficult to be mindful in the moment and to cultivate a positive relationship with your children. For example, you may often simply feel overwhelmed, over-tired, stressed out, and unable to take the steps you’d like in your relationship with your child. Or you may have difficulty handling conflict, or their unique needs. Perhaps you feel as though you’ve lost your sense of purpose or independence since becoming a parent, that your child doesn’t respect you, or that you and your partner are at odds about how to best raise your child.



Dr. Zackson can help you bring the practice of mindful parenting into your daily life. She has helped many parents build connections with their children that enhance self-esteem, inner strengths, and abilities. In therapy, parents learn how to reduce the stress of parenting and develop skills that can break negative cycles. But mindful parenting is not only about learning a new skill set: it is a way of living that can help you form long-lasting, deep, and emotionally-rewarding relationships with your children.