Therapy for Anger Management - Dr. Judith Zackson


Anger is a fundamental emotion that we all experience. Like any human emotion, when expressed appropriately it can lead to constructive change. However, if your anger gets out of control, your logical mind becomes hijacked and your anger can urge you to act in ways that make the situation worse. Angry outbursts can become habitual, addictive, and have serious consequences on your relationships, career, health, and quality of life. The causes of anger management issues vary; anger may be triggered by childhood trauma, your own parents’ anger issues, severe stress, difficulty communicating, or perceived injustices, that may drive you to take drastic measures in order to be heard.

Anger management treatment is helpful for individuals who get angry quickly, who tend to feel their “blood boiling,” feel out of control, use substances to control their anger, “bottle up” their feeling and have frequent outbursts.


Dr. Zackson appreciates the fact that anger issues did not develop overnight and that patterns of anger were developed over a lifetime. The good news is that habits can be changed. Therapy can help you understand the cycle of anger, recognize triggers to increase your radar, interrupt it and learn to express your needs effectively. Like any skill, mastering your anger takes practice.

Dr. Zackson has extensive experience working with high-functioning individuals who struggle with anger management issues in their professional and personal lives and has helped hundreds of clients deal with their emotions and achieve their goals. Depending on your specific issues, Dr. Zackson utilizes several approaches. Some clients benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxations skills while others benefit from exploring childhood issues and enhancing personal awareness. Therapy involves a detailed discussion of your experience, understanding the underlying causes, and learning techniques to manage anger. Dr. Zackson will tailor a treatment plan to meet your unique needs and goals.

Dr. Zackson will help you face your anger and along the way teach you how to recognize it, manage it without being critical of yourself and others. Think about the life you want to live, your values, and whether anger is getting in the way of living the life you want to live. Take charge, don’t let anger control you and seek support to live the life you want.